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Complete solar system solutions for your home

Limitless Energy Solutions is one of the leading solar installation companies in Melbourne, specialising in complete solar systems that help our friends, family, and neighbours save money on their energy bills. Our consultative approach provides homeowners with the complete picture when considering solar power

If you’re interested in going solar, you may be confused as to what the best option is and how pricing works. As every household is different, a consultation with you is essential before we design, select and propose the best system for your needs.

If you’d like to arrange a solar panel and battery installation with our skilled technicians, get in touch today.

Our Solar Packages

Discover the best solar systems for your home

Average House

6 .6kW

Introducing our no-fuss solution for those who are new to the solar game and want a system that works.

  • Tier 1 Panels

  • 5kW Inverter

  • High Efficiency Solar Module

  • Solar Battery (optional)

Large House

10 kW

Need more from your solar energy system? Our 10kW is our most popular solution.

  • Tier 1 Panels

  • 10kW Inverter

  • High Efficiency Solar Module

  • Solar Battery (optional)

Extra Large House

15 kW

Our 15kW solar solution is designed for maximum performance and the most efficient power yield possible.

  • Tier 1 Panels

  • 15kW Inverter

  • High Efficiency Solar Module

  • Solar Battery (optional)

Residential Solar Systems


Solar Solutions

Solar energy is a smart choice for Australian households. Not only can you use the sunshine to save money — you’re also investing in a cleaner future for generations to come by reducing your environmental footprint.

Limitless Energy Solutions wants to help more Australian homeowners take advantage of the financial and environmental benefits of solar energy. Take a look at our Solar Packages below.

Battery Solutions

A solar battery is essentially a battery that stores power generated by your solar panels. In the past, solar energy that was not immediately used by your household would be transferred into the energy grid, however, if your home has a storage battery installed, this energy can now be stored for use later on.

So, how do solar batteries work?

If your solar system generates more than the battery can store, it will be exported to the grid. The good news is you could get a credit on your electricity bill for the amount exported. Normally any unused power generated by the household’s solar panels is sold back to the grid and its power supplies for less than one-third of the amount it costs to buy that same electricity.

Residential Projects

We’ve helped several Melbourne households get setup with solar power, and save on their energy bills in the long run.

Homeowners are often focused on reducing their power bills – and when you can do it in a way that reduces your impact on the environment, why wouldn’t you? We can visit your home at a time that suits you – get in touch today! ​


Your local specialists in Sungrow solar batteries

limitless energy solutions - sungrow

Utilise your solar power system for electricity after dark and during peak evening periods when grid power can be at its most costly. Rather than feeding your excess power generated throughout the day back to the grid use it right here in your home. Limitless Energy Solutions are your local Sungrow solar battery specialists across Melbourne, Victoria. Our solar electricians offer the supply and installation of Sungrow solar batteries for your home

How much could solar save you?

To illustrate how much you could expect to benefit from getting solar, the table below outlines an estimated average payback period and bill savings you may receive based on three common solar system sizes.

Savings will depend on your household’s energy usage during the day. In this table, an average household consumption of 24kWh per day has been used. To see how this compares with your household consumption, refer to the “Electricity usage summary” section of your latest electricity bill. This should indicate an “Average daily usage” amount in kWh.

Sample System Size Average System Cost Estimated Bill Savings Estimated Payback Period
3 kW $3,560 – $4,780 Low range: $1,138
High range: $1,630
Low range: 4.2 Yrs
High range: 2.2 Yrs
6 kW $4,760 – $6,870 Low range: $1,584
High range: $2,105
Low range: 4.3 Yrs
High range: 2.3 Yrs
9 kW $8,270 – $10,660 Low range: $2,029
High range: $2,580
Low range: 5.3 Yrs
High range: 3.2 Yrs



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